The Daily Digest of Global Delirium

“...Mentre preso dal delirio,
non so più quel che dico,
e quel che faccio!”
“…While in delirium,
I no longer know what I say,
or what I do!”
From the song “Vesti la giubba” sung by the character Canio in the opera “Pagliacci” by Ruggero Leoncavallo.

As its tagline suggests, the Daily Digest of Global Delirium (DDGD) is dedicated to highlighting certain distressing global developments especially from an ethical perspective. However, this is not done in order to celebrate the macabre or engage in a continuous litany of grievances; rather, the hope here is to show and defend what is deemed to be ethical and to highlight the necessity of more objective and properly contextualized understanding of the world around us. Indeed, a more nuanced understanding of global developments might lead to the adoption of better and more humane policies, ones that would echo the rights and principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and such international legal doctrines as the Responsibility to Protect and The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, among others. For we simply cannot give up on the struggle to hold powerful nations responsible for the protection of the vulnerable and the weak all over the world.

The politics embraced here do not fall squarely on the Right or the Left; rather, they tend to be issue-specific and stem out of a simple yet ardent belief in the necessity of good.

Special Sections

The Deliricon: The DDGD Holy Glossary of Terms that Should be Part of Your Everyday Vocabulary But Aren't For Some Unfathomable Reason.

The Delirindex: The DDGD Holy List of Fictitious Sponsors: a virtual who’s who of organizations currently (mis)managing our world.

The Delirica: The DDGD opinion section, dedicated to publishing longer comments by Ammar Abdulhamid and reprinting articles he published elsewhere. 

The Exotic Observations & Propositions of Delirian Mundi: A section dedicated to philosophical reflections ascribed to the fictitious figure, Delirian Mundi, inspired by current events, and tinged with its own dose of delirium.

Theatrum Deliria: A series of satirical take on current events inspired by the Classics. 

The Cauldron: An irreverent cartoon series.  

The Delirynth: A rundown of developments from around our labyrinthine world. Readers are advised to constantly remind themselves that we actually do live in the world where these things are happening.

ЯeveЯsed Polarity (ЯP): Яeal news and headlines from the age of the infamous TrumPutin when ЯeveЯsing the polarity of our minds is a Яite of Passage.